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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 12, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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report." fair, balanced and unafraid. tucker carlson tonight starts monday. "on the record" starts right now. thank you for all of those who served in the u.s. military. [chanting] >> not my president. >> tonight, antileft wing agitators and hollywood liberals are absolutely losing their mind because donald trump has elected next president. >> in her lifetime she deserves to be the first female president. >> will this lunancy ever end? >> we need great people, negotiating our deals for us. >> then president-elect trump moves ahead with his transition plans. so what will the trump administration look like? kellyanne conway is here to react. >> real change begins with immediately repealing and replacing the disaster known as obamacare.
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[cheers and applause] >> and donald trump promised to repeal and replace obamacare. so how quickly will he be able to do that. all of that plus kimberly guilfoyle and hannity right here right now. >> welcome to hannity and tonight anti-democratic liberals are completely losing their minds over president-elect donald trump. left wing agitators have been taking to the streets to try to undermine mr. trump's decisive victory and democrats are doing nothing to discourage or stop them. now president-elect trump is talking about bringing the country together after a very long and hard-fought campaign. the left, they are starting violent protest, they are spewing hateful rhetoric and even attacking donald trump supporters. according to the chicago tribe biewn. a day after the election. in the windy city viciously beaten because an an dry video is very disturbing. take a look.
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>> don't vote trump. don't vote trump. >> y'all be doing -- >> beyond disgusting. the left apparently doesn't think it's worth condemning. "the chicago tribune" is also reporting that the man did, in fact, vote for trump but there was no way the attackers would have known that because he never told them. again, they apparently just assumed he was a trump supporter. and last night in portland, oregon, dozens were arrested after police say left wing agitators started a riot by attacking drivers and smashing cars and destroying businesses. so, where are the democrats? where are the leaders? where is hillary? where's obama on this? why aren't they speaking out against this unpatriotic
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behavior? now democrats love to claim they are all loving, the all inclusive party. i guess that only applies when their side wins the white house. and what happened to the democrats' campaign theme you know, when they go low, we go high? remember it wasn't too long ago they were saying this. >> when someone is cruel or acts like a bully, you don't stoop to their level, no, our motto is when they go low, we go high. so we're going to take to heart heart the words of our wonderful first lady michelle obama when they go low, we go high. [cheers and applause] >> meanwhile, they all took the low road during the campaign. level point out that these are the same people who nearly lost it when donald trump said at the third debate he would wait until after the election actually happened to accept the results. well, they expected trump to accept the election results so why won't they? there is also the massive hysterical and quiet frankly predictable freak out from
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holiday liberals take -- hollyd liberals look at poor miley cyrus pretty sad. >> i wanted to say i have been pretty vocal for my support for everyone besides donald trump. heavily supported bernie. heavily supported hillary. i still think in her lifetime she deserves to be the first female president. that's what makes me so sad. i just wish she had an opportunity because she has fought for so long. >> wow. what do you say to that? now, she is not alone. miley cyrus. cher has called donald trump pretty much every name in the peculiar and said if he won she would leave the planet. then there is also madonna. she was reportedly spotted at a protest in new york city where agitators were chanting he is not my president. all seriousness hollywood liberals donald trump won fair and square and your life by the way is not going to change one bit. your rich, fancy lifestyle, your learjet levee style.
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your big lehman screens, your fancy dinners have not going to end. the world is not going to end. you are still going to make millions of dollars on crappy movies and do every single thing you normally do. enough of the little baby temper tantrums going on here. what is going to change is the life hopefully of millions of forgotten americans, forgotten man election i call it who have seen their jobs disappear. who haven't had a raise in years with the lowest home ownership rate in 51 years. the lowest labor participation rate, believe it or not, since the 1970s, 95 million americans out of work. you know what? two to three jobs people are taking to support their families. they are not living your lifestyle. healthcare premiums have skyrocketed for the average american. people completely ignored by the political elites in washington and all barack obama did was make it worse. donald trump ran for president to help them, to make their lives better. and when he puts his policies in to place. hopefully all americans will benefit. here with reaction. nationally syndicated talk
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show host larry elder, my friend the man reverend darryl scott who served as the ceo for the national diversity coalition for trump. all right, pastor, maybe you need, you know, prayer, fasting, you know, what do you make of this freakout that's going on? >> listen, the hypocrisy of the left is on full display for all americans to see. if you think about it, all of the violence, all of the deceit, the treasury, the under handedness, the dirty tricks. their dirty tricks put nixon to shame. it's all come from the left. cher, i think maybe we can put our money together and get cher on one of those trips to the moon from one of those private companies. send her to the moon. miley, she needs to go somewhere and be with a wrecking ball or whatever. i think the protests are protesters are protesting against the wrong person. they need to protest against the democratic party and the hillary clinton campaign on how they colluded together and stole the election, the
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nomination from bernie sanders. bernie sanders might have stood a better chance against donald trump than hillary did. but they conspired against him. stole the election. put their candidate up. she got destroyed by trump. and now they're upset. and it's nothing they can do but whine and tear up something. we see where all the violence is from. we see where all of this is coming from. they can't hide it anymore. they can't blame trump. trump ran a clean campaign. can't blame trump for this one. >> you know, one of the things i think that got underreported, larry, his no new deal for african-americans. if he goes into cities like chicago and he takes on the violence, he changes the educational system, he creates, -- if he is able to incentivize corporations to bring back trillions and corporations lowering their tax rates, bringing them back to america, hopefully, they will set up shop in detroit, in wisconsin, near where pastor scott lives and in pennsylvania. this could be real, real
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opportunity to transform things in a very positive way. >> absolutely. if i were one of these anti-trump protesters, sean, i think i would have to ask myself a few questions. how is it that donald trump managed to double the percentage of the black vote compared to john mccain and mitt romney? how is it that he got a higher percentage of the hispanic vote than did mitt romney. if he is anti-gay how is it that before he became president he was severely criticizing the clinton contribution -- clinton foundation contribution that they got from countries like saudi arabia where homosexuality is a crime if not punished by death. if is he anti-semitic how is it he has converted jewish converted to judaism. another son converted to just. executives jewish in his organization. when he gave his acceptance speech, sean, one of the first things he said is i'm going to address the plight of the inner city. how is it that this man is considered to be such a
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bigot? if that's bigotry he needs to go back to racism school. >> yes. reverend, what's your word to people that maybe didn't support donald trump? >> i don't think there is any one economic measure can you look at that says oh, things have gotten better in the last 8 years. what is your message to people that may be in that freak-out mode because maybe they believe the lies and propaganda of a very biased media. >> they need to relax, take a deep breath and chill out and get ready for quite possibly the best eight years america has enjoyed in a very long time. i really believe donald trump is going to usher in a golden age here in america of peace and prosperity. i'm not making him out to be a messianic figure. i'm simply saying if his policies are enacted he is going to revitalize the inner city. stimulate economic growth. our borders will be secure. there will be -- the spirit of fear, this attitude of fear that the democratic
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party has imposed upon america, he is going to sooth those fears, so to speak. we will look up and be glad this hand has become president. when he says you have nothing to lose he is simply saying give me aens that. if we give donald trump a chance we will be glad about the decision we made. i can tell you that much. >> larry, last word. >> if obama had done nothing 3. 2%. difference between 2% and 3% is 1 million jobs times the years of the recovery. all trump has to do is revert many of the stuff that obama done. such as obamacare. such as ridiculous regulations he has put on the backs of the american people. allow choice in inner city schools and this economy will boom. lower the corporate tax rate. this economy is going to take off. >> all right. guys, i think you both were very strong supporters for donald trump. >> we were. >> and i think you helped him a lot in this election. thank you, both.
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coming up, president-elect donald trump announced that mike pence will now be serving as the chairman of his busy transition team. mr. trump senior advisor joins us next in studio and also tonight. >> if we don't get rid of obamacare, it will destroy healthcare in north carolina and all over the united states. we will build a great wall and, yes, mexico will pay for the wall. they'ring if to pay for the wall. >> president-elect donald trump promised the american people he would build that wall. repeal obama care. the "wall street journal" is reporting tonight that mr. trump may be willing to keep two parts of it. what are they? is it smart? later tonight. (sigh) my insurance rates are probably gonna double.
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for all your headlines log on to >> we have the greatest
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negotiators in the world. we have the greatest business people in the world. we're going to use these great business people, karl icahn endorsed me and some others. we are going to use our great leaders and our great business people. it's time. >> president-elect donald trump on the campaign trail promising he will surround himself with great people when he enters the white house. and earlier today, mr. trump announced that vice president elect mike pence will now serve as chairman of the transitional team. mike pence will be a part of it. joining with reaction is kellyanne conway. a lot of people have been calling me today about transition. this transition that why don't you tell us, we will ask you that straight on. >> trying to form a federal government and up to president-elect trump to choose those advisors he wants around him on his senior team. key positions. cabinet. it's a very big task. it's one that's been worked on for many months away from the campaign, sean, by the
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transition team that was originally headed up by governor christie who still serves as vice chair. it makes perfect sense to have vice president elect mike pence with this role because, first of all, most of the transition will go on in d.c. some of it here in new york. but also because mike pence will be the vice president. so, he has got a lot of familiar faces. a lot of familiar names on that list. those of house have been here. and those of us trusted advisors and officials for governor pence and mr. trump. we're just excited to see how mr. trump forms his government and his team. >> i guess the fear that i heard from some people, was that will donald trump put people maybe that weren't as loyal during the campaign and surround himself. i would argue the cut and run people. you know, they are only there -- they are there now but they weren't there during the tough moments in the campaign. is that a possibility or that won't happen? >> well, donald trump honors
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loyalty. that is important to him. is he loyal to people in return. in addition, you want to find people that are qualified and effective to do the job. i think those are probably the two major criteria for him. i will tell you that there are very talented men and women who were a part of his campaign and who were frankly part of his outside advisors or folks who supported him who did so vocally or visibly. we are hearing from many of them there is a process in place. woe have an executive director working tirelessly to process some of these credentials and see where we are. but, i think the most exciting thing that happened this week is people have spoken. they had an election that's for them, sean. i have been in polling for decades. you have been doing this for decades. people finally got their wish, they got the outside and politician. somebody who is going to go to washington as our president. who owes no one anything. that is truly an election for the people of the people and by the people. >> you know, there is always what we call a honeymoon
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period. i suspect that mr. trump's case it may not be as long as he probably hopes for. to me, his job is probably simple and it's probably something he is used to. in other words, he made very strong commitments about supreme court justices. about refugees. about the wall. about obamacare. about energy. about education. about our vets, about national defense and national security. to me, if he just follows that list. i would think those people that supported him will be happy. he made promises about taxes. corporate tax rates. repatriation of trillions. if we could send that money to michigan and detroit and send to to wisconsin and ohio and pennsylvania. those most depressed areas, people that would want to build factories and manufacturing centers, i think we could see a much quicker recovery than maybe we even saw during the reagan years. is that something that's on the table. >> yes, it is. it certainly is worth a try, sean. you are absolutely correct. if you want to know what
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president donald trump is going to do. go read his 100 day plan. it's there for everyone to see. it is specific and includes solutions. policies. and i think the excuse of divided government that allows people to get nothing done is over. the electorate gave donald trump the white house. but they also gave republicans control of the house and senate. so that he would have a mandate. he would have the tools and equipment to let him pass these pieces of legislation that he has promised. and look at that 100-day plan. it's what you just mentioned but things like expanding educational opportunities. you know, something governor pence has done masterfully in indiana is expand vocational and technical educational opportunities. not everyone is college material. you graduate high school with skill certificate and elm employable especially to administration that wants to bring back jobs shipped to china and mexico. we also have a vacancy on the united states supreme court. so obviously that's a big priority. mr. trump has already put out his list of possible
2:20 am
nominations. >> and you. >> how many from that list. >> you said that he will? and what's important about that list is everyone on that list is qualified to do the job. and everyone on that list is in the mold of anthony scalia. he said that's very important to him. constitution and they don't make up the law as they go along. >> you spend a lot of time with donald trump do you think there are lot of people kissing his ring and -- it's inevitable things are going to get tough as they do for every president? >> well, perhaps. that's human nature. but what i do know about donald trump is the man is brilliant and he has fabulous instincts and he read america spot on correctly. his messages and him as a messenger and even his delivery. his delivery system through
2:21 am
these rallies and through -- through digital communication, some advertising. but really his personal delivery system and delivery style is what resonated. i think anybody who is going to work in his administration, sean, will realize that this is his presidency. this is his voice. these were his choices. people elected him and mike pence to do the job. people ought to be supportive of that if they want to be part of the administration. i have toll it you the never trumpers have been a little quieter since tuesday night. they have a right to say what they want. they were dead wrong. people were dead wrong about the data. about who is in the electorate. about our chances in the upper midwest. about chances in states where barack obama has been carrying. hillary clinton can't get past 46%. we have an opportunity. it's his message. you learn from this election quality candidates matter. we were always going to be outspent and never -- but never outworked or outclassed. his message in the last couple weeks was positive
2:22 am
and uplifting. also very tough and very specific. but it was not negative and nasty. we took all the incoming from the other side. and history will show that the woman who lost as a first female president of the united states did it in the last couple weeks very nasty, negative campaign. she paid tens of millions of dollars to just descend upon donald trump stop him it didn't work. people saw through it. >> all right, kellyanne. i assume you didn't get a lot of sleep this week. >> i know it shows. >> how many hours. >> not many but i'm absolutely euphoric and so happy that donald trump is our next president and mike pence is our next vice president. i mean it's great for the country and i will support them any way i can. >> all right. congratulations to you. it's certainly i know you put in a lot of work. >> thank you. >> when we come back, this is coming up next tonight on hannity. >> real change begins with
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immediately, immediately repealing and replacing the disaster known as obamacare. president-elect donald trump promising one of the first things he will do is repeal, replace obamacare. mr. trump spoke to the your "wal street journal." he said there were two parts of the law he would be willing to keep. what are they? we'll explain it when we get back. we will check in with austan goolsbee who owes me money and ari fleischer tonight on hannity. >> what the others aren't covering. what the media is missing. and what america needs to know. when it comes to the issues impacting you, no one tells you the truth like tucker. this is more than just a credit card. it's how adventure begins. and with the miles you can earn, it's always taking you closer to your next unforgettable experience. become a cardmember and start enjoying benefits built to take you further... like group 1 boarding...
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you all know real change begins with immediately, immediately repealing and replacing the disaster known as obamacare.
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all right. that was now president-elect donald trump promising to repeal and replace obamacare. now today, accord ght to the "wall street journal," mr. trump said he would consider leaving in place two parts of the law. the report reads, quote: mr. trump said he favors keeping the prohibition against insurers, denying coverage, because of preexisting conditions and a provision that allows parents to provide years of additional coverage for their children on their insurance policies. by the way, both republican plans to replace had those provisions in them. joining us now former white house press secretary ari fleischer and the hand man that had a very bad week but it's going to be good for the country because now we could undo all the damage of austan's horrific economic plan. i guess we can't undo the damage of the debt. more debt than ever before him combined. how do we do that austan? >> can i tell you how, but it doesn't begin with electing trump. you are right, it was a tough week for me. >> i'm so sorry and you owe me money. but we will deal with that
2:27 am
on -- in another show. you know, look, ari, this is going to -- going to be a lot harder than just saying repeal and replace. because now we have got to put in place a plan where people can transition hopefully to healthcare savings accounts by -- every republican plan included preexisting conditions that i saw, portability, job to job, buying across state lines and free market competition for the plans. but now getting off of obamacare. how long does that take? >> well, let you put your finger on it repeal part was always the easy part. replace part the halderer hart. now republicans have to honor both. i think it would have been more artful today if the president said we will repeal it and provisions include in it he would have been better off if he put it that way. >> did he say that though. that's what he said. >> he said if you look at the "wall street journal" story he says we are going to edit or modify repeal or
2:28 am
replace obamacare. he shouldn't say modify. you row peel it and then. >> but he was very clear on the campaign trail to repeal and replace. >> that's correct. he needs to stick with that. and so do the republicans in congress. what's going to end up with is a much skinnier provision. probably much more along the lions of catastrophic healthcare instead of these government mandated gold, silver, bronze plans for people. i think you are going to see much more simplified skinny version that provides people with catastrophic care. >> i mean, how much will the taxpayers end up having to subsidize as well at some point now that obama took on more debt than 43 other presidents? we have got a debt problem and we also have an interest rate problem that at some point those rates are going to go up and that's going to impact the interest that we're paying back on the debt. >> go ahead, austan. >> i think if he is going to start thinking on the deficit and debt way, i
2:29 am
think that's going to run head first into his tax plan that he has outlined as one of his first priorities. because he is not proposing ways to pay for that tax plan. i think he is going to have to set some priorities here. i hope, you know, clearly he won the election. he won by the opposite of a landslide. in previous, very close elections, there are different approaches. john kennedy's approach when he won by a whisker was to say, okay, lack, i realize that half the country didn't want me here and i want to be a unifier so i'm going to start my priorities with the things that we can agree on. and then we will move to the next thing. if he starts with the infrastructure, if he starts with some of the more unifying things. i think he can be a very successful president. >> why would he -- your agenda? i think he should start weather forecast wall. >> i'm not talking about my agenda. >> he should start with the
2:30 am
wall and start with the lowest corporate tax rate. reoperatatiorepatriation start h obamacare pack to the states. he won. remember mr. obama used to say i won. >> he won, he won very narrowly, and actually more americans voted for his opponent than voted for him. >> ari? >> you know him and he respects. >> you let's cut to the chase here. all of this comes down to the central issue of our times which is economic growth and the lack therefore in the last eight years. president trump can put in place for corporate tax reform and business tax reform. it solves all the problems you were talking about. interest rates, deficit, about the debt, about revenues. all of this is tied to growth. this has been the failure of the obama years. that's what led to so much dissatisfaction among working class people because
2:31 am
they haven't gotten raises. economic growth is the corner stone of it all. this is what the trump presidency will rise or fall upon. >> you know what? i totally agree. >> i agree with that. >> that's why the lower tax rate first of all go from 7 to 3. lower corporate tax rate will incentivize corporations to build factories, manufacturing centers, the one-time 10% tax on trillions. >> rew re. >> if we had a goal of energy independence. keystone pipeline, fracking and coal mining millions of jobs could be created almost immediately. i know that poor austan goolsbee won't like it but the rest of america woonches look, if those work, then that would be great. all i would caution and he respects you, sean, and i want you to talk to him. if he just is going to propose the things that george w. bush proposed when he came into office, the
2:32 am
growth slow down is not -- did not start with obama. it started with bush. >> it started with clinton. >> no, no, no, austan. the growth slow down started in the summer of 2000 as you know. george bush inherited a mile recession. september 11th turned into even worse economy and the economy a bond from 2003 to 2007 as the bush tax cuts took place. >> barely a bond and followed by the worst downturn in our lifetime. >> absolutely wrong. >> deficit. >> community reinvestment act definitely played a part in hurting the economy and bush paid the price. >> sean, no, no. >> yes. yes. you can't lend money to people that can't afford to pay it back, austan unless you can pay it back. >> we can agree on growth. >> good to see you both. up next. tonight on hannity. >> we'll would build a great wall and, yes, mexico will pay for the wall. they're going to pay for the wall. >> president-elect donald trump he promised to build the wall on the border with
2:33 am
mexico. how soon can that happen? mercedes schlapp, doug schoen they weigh in. later tonight kimberly guilfoyle and charlie hurt are here as we man: i accept i'm not the deep sea fisherman i was. i accept i'm not out on the ocean wrestling marlin.
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a trump administration will also secure and defend the borders of the united states. [cheers and applause] and, yes, we will build a great wall and, yes, mention mexico will pay for the wall. they're going to pay for the wall. [chanting build the wall] >> that was president-elect donald trump earlier this week promising america and the american people he would build a wall with mexico. how fast can that happen? here with reaction fox news contributor mercedes schlapp and clinton pollster fox news contributor and yet
2:40 am
couldn't pull the leav lever for hillary. doug schoen. >> hi. how are you? >> make a checklist. supreme court, refugees, cutting taxes, cut the rates, repatriation. build will wall. energy independence. make your list and start checking off what you promise. >> right. he has got to do two things. be true to your base which is exactly what you say. implement the agenda but most of all create jobs, lower taxes. promote economic growth. and put working people who went out on a limb for him as i did myself when i distanced myself from the clintons. he has got to let them know that he has got their back and working to create jobs. >> working independence, mercedes, stopping the competition for jobs. building that wall would be a part of it but energy independence, i think, is a huge component. potentially millions of jobs, added pony news, national security, but also
2:41 am
those tax cuts. and repatriation. >> absolutely. i think you are going to see obviously immigration and healthcare are going to be two of the top priorities that now you will have congress and the president working together to get this done. but i think the tax reform component is incredibly important when you lock at the fact that if you can lower the corporate tax to that 15% where the companies can feel that they have once again can invest in america. where of the capitol -- their capital is not tied up. cutting regulations which we know has strangled some businesses and some small businesses. if you unleash that potential in terms of the business productivity and be able to bring in more measures. >> it would be huge. >> i think it's huge. i think it's incredibly ben beneficial. >> when the wall starts getting built, is the left going to be sane.
2:42 am
>> parts of america that the left can support which is to restrict immigration and build and provide ways to do that. the left also can support an infrastructure program, tax reform for preoperatation,. >> do you think they will support that? >> they should if they are smart. if they do to keith ellison hard left could be the end of the democratic party as we know it and could be for me. >> okay. last word? >> you have to remember, sean, where you can find common ground with the democrats with the elizabeth warren faction is on trade. the fact that tpp will be dead under president trump. >> that's a good point. >> the fact is that the republicans might not feel too comfortable with that. it does allow trump to have the edge of saying, look, we're going to renegotiate these trade deals and it's going to be to benefit the america american worker. >> real quick, i have got to let you go. listen, mercedes, you and matt might be welcome back to the parties again. >> most important thing is that the american people
2:43 am
won, sean. that's all we care about. >> and we have a and which to correct this mess. some up with part of this to make this a great country. >> i have got to say it's got to happen. it would be good for america. >> it would be good for america. complete full down meltdown load because donald trump will be the next president.
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. welcome back to "hannity". tuesday, you, the voters chose president elect donald trump to be the next leader of the free world and american celebrities aren't taking it too well and they need our help. watch this. >> a message i want to spread to other women is exactry what they're saying is not to give up. i want to move to spain. i really want to move to spain right now. everyone in the office is you have a responsibility and a voice. you need to use it. >> excited yesterday and i'm sad for her. my mom's name happens to be hillary. >> i still think she deserveses to be the first female
2:49 am
president. i wish she had an opportunity because she's fought so long. >> chelsea handler said hers, mily cyrus is actual hi crying. and mark raffalo took to the streets and chef famously stated she'd leave the planet. i hope she has a space ship available. joining us now, kimberly guilfoyle. i am willing to pay, charter a plane for these celebrities in a way they're accustomed. >> you're not saying first class. you're saying charter a plane? what about that space ship? >> i can't get a space ship. >> i'll put on champagne and steak. you have to agree not to come back. if i come back, they have to pay
2:50 am
me. >> one way. what is wrong with these people? there are things to be crying about. losing a loved one. getting a cancer diagnosis. i see miley cyrus in tears, i want to say silly girl, maybe there are flintstone vitamins. >> there is a donald trump guy, this is really funny, he's kind of trying to help out these people that are suffering. this is what it does. watch. >> to all of the trump haters, all of the hillary clinton supporters, all of the people that said that my trump was going to lose, so i say to you, this morning, the day after the election [ laughter ].
2:51 am
>> that is the greatest laugh, ever. charlie? what is your reaction? >> you have to admit as much as i love a donald trump campaign appearance, that montage you played at the beginning was every bit at entertaining as any trump rally. serious note, why they're deal you'ded people and self conscious about that fact. they don't produce value to vote. why is it they're talking about going to canada. why don't they move to mexico or guatemala? because they want to go to a whiter place? are they racist? >> good point. i don't think canada wants lena done ham. >> people have been asking me, you probably feel great. i do. it's not, i feel more relief
2:52 am
there is an opportunity here to fix the country. and i call it the forgotten man election. i think so many people out of work and in poverty. food stamps can't buy a house, that is what this election is about. what i don't understand is how the left, after eight years of obama can't see how bad he made things. >> what is scary is that i'm having a moment because michael moore agrees with you. he said the same thing. this is about punishing and burdening the middle class, you take away being able to provide for families to have stability and certainty. you strip them and their table bare at their home. >> why can't you say what is so obvious? that obama failed? >> because he doesn't care about those people. he doesn't know them anymore. he's out of touch and likes to pretend he's in touch but he's not. he doesn't know them or talk to them or think about their problems. the thing about the extraordinary opportunity donald
2:53 am
trump has reminds me of, you know, i didn't agree with barack obama. he first won the first election in 2008, it was a stunning moment in this country. and he did have an extraordinary opportunity. he had democrats in congress. he could have done so much and talked with authority unlike any president before him. he blew it. every single thing he could have done. he ruined. >> donald trump will undo on day one, much of that agenda because he felt he can usurp powers of congress. so, too. can donald trump do that. >> call for unity came in the final and last year of president barack obama's presidency. he wants to unify because he knows this is the guy at the wheel of obama's legacy bus, and going to determine what stays, what will do. we've seen for people hysterical out there, and hyper vent lating is that hey, guys, donald trump
2:54 am
is willing to listen. and do the best practices and willing to keep certain aspects that would benefit people. >> i don't think there is a good aspect for obamacare. >> i know, sean. i'm going to be making a miley cyrus crying video. >> wiegs man. >> good to see you all. when we come back, we need your help on what has been a historic week with a very important question of the day. next. what's it like to be in good hands? like finding new ways to be taken care of. home, car, life insurance obviously, ohhh...
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welcome back to "hannity". time for the question of the day. who would you like to see in the trump administration? go to sean hannity on twitter and before we go, we want to wish all of our veterans and thank you for sacrifice for your service. what a week it's been. very historic. hope you have a great weekend. we'll see you back here on monday. ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem]
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♪ [national anthem] good morning, it is saturday, november 12th. i'm abby hunt han. we start with a fox news alert. a protester shot. chaos on the street. people stepping up violence in protest of the election. breaking details just coming in this morning. >> and president-elect donald trump up veiling his official transition team led by, well, a person may surprise you. and we'll tell you why chris christie is stepping back and what we can expect in the days and weeks to come. >> that is right. it was a campaign promise that was made -- that made crowds roar. [chanting lock her up] >> there was a lot of lock her up.


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